Varnam caption
You have heard so much about it, read so much about it and now you might want to experience it by yourself!

Yes, we are talking about Wayanad, the real heaven in God’s own country, where the days are luminous with stunning village scenery and the nights reverberate the rhythms of drums, music of flute and husky recitals of aborigine tribe and the music of mother nature.

If you are setting out to explore the beauty, the wilderness, the warmth and excitements of Wayanad, we are here to offer you an abode of comfort. Varnam, an ancestral abode built fiftyfour years ago in traditional Kerala architectural is a perfect place where you would find bliss and harmony with a loving family.

Surrounded by an organic farm, filled with fowls, cattle, fish ponds and rich bio-diversity, VARNAM offers you exquisite means for hangout. You can take a stroll through the spicy grooves enjoying the soft fondle of breeze. The green paddy fields a few steps away from your abode will fill your mind with happiness.
Kuruva Island (kuruva dweep)
A magnificent picnic spot where rare species of birds, orchids and herbs (3km.walk from Varnam.)
Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary
Abode of wide varieties of wild animals(17km away from varnam)
Brahmagiri Mountain Trekking
16 km.up and down hiking at Thirunelly Brahmagiri Mountain through forest. (Thirunelly 25 km ). March